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The Stuart Bedasso Show

Welcome!  This is where we keep all of our podcasts.  It's cool for getting our RSS feed or JUST focusing on the shows.  We post all of our shows as well as other stuff at our website.  Feel free to run over there for shows and more goodies.

The Stuart Bedasso Show website

Jun 1, 2008

We kill again with special guest Anthony Pignataro.  And speaking of death, Jill almost bites it on a kayak excursion.  We knew it - Anthony sleeps in satin, tartan PJ's.  Dave uses sweatshop immigrants to create his renewable energy.  It's not easy being green - ask Lupe who blew out a hammy creating electricity for the fridge.  If you're on Maui you don't want ice cream!  And Keziah' Korner is back in the hizz-ow.


Toots and the Maytals - Pressure Drop
Sex-O-Rama 2 - Stiffed
KRS-One - Money