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An unfamilar sight... a new show!  Our old friend, Scarlett joins Melyssa and Dave as we get caught up on what's happening.  Some current events are discussed as well.  Poor Dukes of Hazzard.  They're just some good 'ol boys.  It's true, white folks.  You're racist.  Stop fighting it.  Get ready for Dave's Lube Stations on every corner. 


Chalice - Sugar Magnolia

FFS - Police Encounters

Abstract Rude - Kan Of Whoop Ass

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We..Are...Back!  For now, anyway.  Dave and Melyssa get together after a huge layoff and catch up.  Dave's having trouble interviewing people for a job.  Melyssa's having trouble handling white people (but aren't we all).  Dave has a Dad hat and he can't get arrested in the nation's capitol.  WTF?  It's good to be back!


Betty Davis - He Was A Big Freak

Scarlet - She's A Stud

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A great interview with vocalist Kellye Gray.  She has a great crowdfunding campaign going and you must hurry and contribute.  Go.  Now.  Melyssa attends the annual Ugly Disco, a cheesy charity event and hey, the music sucked.  Go figure.  Dave has to go bye bye.  He'd rather not.


Cornershop - Born Disco, Died Heavy Metal

Kellye Gray - Morning

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Melyssa and Dave are ready to be elected to office.  Then they can save us all from expired milk, bad pants and everything else that ails us.  Your vote counts!  Get ready for Melyssa's report on the local wrestling scene.  You thought there was going to be a major announcement this week.  Uh, not so much.


They Must Be Giants - No Cops

Badbadnotgood And Ghostface Killah - Nuggets of Wisdom

The Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band - Front Porch Trained

Colin Hay - I Want You Back

Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Umthombowase Golgota

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Melyssa, Dan and Dave come up with a new way to keep capitalism alive.  Happy Pol Pot Day!  Dave goes to Denver, hangs out with Keziah and doesn't go to a strip club.  Turns out we're all on the watch list.  So you're being watched, dontchaknow.  Hey look, Jill Stein is back!


Six Ways To Sunday - Give Myself To You

Ironing Board Sam - I've Been Used

The Zipps - The Struggle For Ice Cold Milk Of Benzi The Bassplayer Or How To Promote Original Dutch Milk

Robert Connelly - The Complacent Americans

Discords - Kill The Rich

Elmer City Rambling Dogs - O, How We Have Changed

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Dan joins Melyssa and Dave to talk about Bruce Jenner, New York corruption and the Green Party.  Go home, Stu.  You're drunk.  It's our 8th anniversary!!!  What are those wide-ass jew hats called?  Yeah, we don't know either.  Dave gets embarrassed yet again.  What didn't he know this time?


Hard Ons - You Sir, Can Get Fucked

Lupe Fiasco - Little Death

Kitty, Daisy And Lewis - Ain't Always Better Your Way

Matching Mole - Nan True's Hole

Mara Alexander - The Bosses' Gang

Bill Fay - War Machine

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Bitcoin is bullshit?  Who knew?  Our old friend, Mark, explains it to us.  Mark took a header off his porch.  Smoking IS bad for you.  The latest boogeyman? Corner stores.  They're the cause of all of our problems.  Not capitalism or poverty or inequality.  It's all about the mini-marts.  And all you liberals need to chill the eff out.  It's all part of the master plan.


Matching Mole - Starting In The Middle Of The Day We Can Drink Our Politics Away

Magic Slim And The Teardrops - Call My Job

The Mastersons - Anywhere But Here

Sleater-Kinney - Price Tag

MFC Chicken - Man Size Tissue

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Peter Kline is back to get the bad news about penis pumps.  Dave is ready to head on out to Shmeg's Restaurant. No, seriously. Where's the worst place YOU'VE puked?  Seen The Interview? Sucker. Question everything! There are new bedazzed radios to help get Rochester Free Radio going.  Get one!  A fun show!


Electric Six - Worst Movie Ever

Bad Livers - Shit Creek

The Samples - Fukishima

Marvin Pontiac - I'm A Doggy

Riddle Me This - Meat Market

Dick Curless - Chick Inspector

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Dave is by himself this week, but he has stories aplenty about his lost wedding ring, his man versus nature escapede and of course...the penis pumps.  Old comedy bits are revisited, both from Stuart and National Lampoon.  And the music will rock your world.


The Asylum Choir - Black Sheep Boogaloo

First Choice - This Little Woman

Mercey Dee Walton - Gettin To Gettin

Al "Jazbo" Collins - Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

The A-Bones - Daddy Wants A Cold Beer

Marcia Strasssman - The Groovy World of Jack And Jill

Johnny Shines - Drunken Man's Prayer

The Madeira - El Caliph

Seks Bomba - Strangely Familiar

Painters And Dockers - Die Yuppie Die

Fred McDowell And Johnny Woods - Mama Says I'm Crazy

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Peter Kline joins us to talk about Dave' latest endeavor - saving funding for penis pumps.  Yes, it's what he does.  We also talk about the musical Annie.  Yes, it sucks.  But Dave's daughter is awesome in it, so go see it.  And we get to talking about race and the police.  (more time was needed)  Not everyone is ready to hit the streets, but maybe not everyone should.


Fishbone - Whipper Snapper

Max Romeo - Bearded Man Feast

Shirley Johnson - I'm Going To Find Me A Lover

Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger - March With Us Today

Baxter Dury - Police

Anti-Flag - Power To The Peaceful

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