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Melyssa tries out some new toxic Doritos product so we relive some old times with some old bits.  Which gets us talking about what is humor in these days of trigger warnings and such.  July 4th is all about making up with estranged friends.  Dave may have killed diabetes...but probably not.  And we brag about our kids. 


Olympic Ass Kicking Team - Powerful 'Merika

The Patterson Twins - I Got Some Problems

David Walker - Ring The Changes

Rebirth Brass Band - Who's Rockin, Who's Rollin

Delano Stewart And Guests - Rocking Sensation

Andrew Jackson Jihad - I Wanna Rock Out In My Dreams

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This show is pretty much a stream of consiousness effort by Melyssa and Dave.  New York State politics, gardening, local jazzfest, community radio and yes, Ewan McGregor's penis.  It can't always be about Dave's junk.  We also have some really good music along with a book review of a book that too expensive for any of us to read. 


Ben Webster And Joe Zawinul - The Governor

Fenton Robinson - Somebody Loan Me A Dime

Local Calypso Quintet - No Money No Music

The Planet Smashers - You Guys Are Assholes, Let's Party

Lightnin Slim - Cool Down Baby

Rebirth Brass Band - Take Em To The Moon

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Dave has his voice back and Melyssa has Scarlett!  Our newest TSBS buddy is a drum-playing hoarder who rocks.  Looks like Dave's gonna be on the hook for 10 Grow Boxes, but that's not a bad thing.  Melyssa's getting drum lessons from Scarlett.  We learn how hard it is to be a girl geek. Seriously.  Are family bonds strong enough to withstand evil empires?  Let's find out.


Rufus Thomas - Love Trap

Royal Southern Brothers - World Blues

Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars - Money No Do

Joe Carter - Shake Your Moneymaker

Chrissie Hynde - Down The Wrong Way

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Dave went and got arrested again, and was screaming so much at The Man that he has no voice.  So this week, Stuart put together some music that's been qued up combined with some classic TSBS bits.  He even included the hard-to-find Candadian Meth sketch featuring a young Kezziah Kelsey and a sassy Jill Fruehan.  Good stuff!


Tiken Jah Fakoly - Too Much Confusion

Eugene McDaniels - Outlaw

Luis Alberto Spinetta - Ni Cuenta Te Das

Amsterdam Klezmer Band - Bhangra Balkan Style

Rockin' Sidney - My Toot Toot

Propaganda - I Ain't Gave Up On You Yet

Shark Move - Evil War

Indigenous - Good At Feelin' Bad

Os Originais Do Samba - Pra Que Tristeza

Manu Dibango - Ngosso

John Mayall - World Gone Crazy

Jeremy Spencer - Moonshine Slide

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Clarke Conde joins us again to talk about Rochester's upcoming Bacon Week.  All week will be bacon themed festivities.  Don't you wish you lived in the Roc?  Check out what's happening at  You can also catch Clarke's project where he followed a hog from farm to table taking pictures all the way.  We talk about that as well as other things bacon / hog related.  Dave takes a minute to brag about his kid.  Send her to Scotland to be The Cat in the Hat in Seussical The Musical.  You can get a DVD of ther performance!


Hartman's Heartbreakers - Let Me Play With It

Umphrey's McGee - No Diablo

Sunnyland Slim - The Devil Is A Busy Man

Stanton Moore - Magnolia Triangle

Lee Fields - Magnolia

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Dave, Melyssa and PRD are back!  PRD got fired from a bad job. Good riddance.  Somehow we start talking about old porn.  Go figure.  If there's one thing the recent murders in California should be teaching us guys is to shut the hell up.  No, really.  You need to let women talk about what they experience on a daily basis.  Shut up.


Big Gigantic - Let's Go

Jess Klein - If There's A God

Jill Sobule - I Hate Horses

Sage Francis - ID Theives

Pete Brady - I'm An Old Cowhand

20th Century Steel Band - Shaft

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It's been a while so we happily celebrate the return of Kimmie P to the show!  We actually talk a lot about the media today.  NPR needs to save money, so they cut the daily show aimed at people of color. Shocking.  Dave has an issue with a local sports hack.  And we discuss the now nationally-famous Kimberly and Beck incident.  Good riddance is the prevailing sentiment.


Loretta Lynn - Take Your Gun And Go, John

Apple Pie Motherhood Band - Grandmother Hooker

Mariachi El Bronx - Revolution Girls

Drive By Truckers - Shit Shots Count

Nelcy Sedibe - Give It Out

The Dollyrots - Barefoot And Pregnant

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Back in the saddle with a new podcast.  Dave returns from another ADAPT trip and this time ran into an old friend.  Melyssa is excited about some new schools coming to New York State.  Will Common Core screw those up, too?  Dave has an embarassing moment with his new phone.  Welcome to Bedasso Estates!  Enjoy us, we're back!


Jim Croce - Big Fat Woman

Bobby Freeman - Big Fat Woman

Fats Domino - Blue Monday

G. Love And Special Sauce - Nothing Else Quite Like Home

Laura Rain And The Ceasars - Bus Stop

Jolie Holland - First Sign Of Spring

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No one's drinking on THIS show.  That's for sure.  Melyssa adjusts to new bed sex, Dave adjusts to 20 Minute Workout.  There's something to be said for a Carnival of Curiosities... like, save some money and get there early.  Dave is getting rid of iTunes.  You should, too.  Dave got to use his action slacks this week and they're going to be in action next week too.  Why does Goodwill suck so hard?


Desmond Dekker - Rudy Got Soul

Jack Bruce - Fields Of Forever

Ken Parker - Ain't Misbehavin

Bossacucanova - Waldomiro Pena

The Souljazz Orchestra - One Life To Live

Madame Mane - I've Got A Handful Of Nuts

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Brian White is back letting us know about his epic plunge into the world of entrepreneurship.  If you're ever in Rochester, get it on at the Ox and Stone!  The only thing that could derail his rise to the top is the drunk wandering into people's yards.  Stay tuned. There are new pickle people in Rochester!!!  Everyone rejoice! There's a new scourage that is killing people at an alarming rate.  Please don't masturbate and drive.  


The Robert Cray Band - Hold On

Eleni Mandell - The Man Who's Always Lost

The Counts - Funk Pump

Myrna March - Strip Polka

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