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The Stuart Bedasso Show

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The Stuart Bedasso Show website

Jun 21, 2010

This week it's just you and Dave and you know what that means.  That's right, a musical extravaganza.  Sit back and relax as you're taken away on an aural odyssey.  Just listen to the freakin music, OK?  We get into a little bit of politics - we're taking back the words 'change' and 'hope' from those charlatans.  And don't let the corporate media tell you whom to get mad at.  That BP wanker doesn't matter.


The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Another Bottle

Super Chikan - Bad Ass Bass

FM - Power

Algia Mae Hinton - When You Kill The Chicken Save Me The Head

The Easybeats - I'll Make You Happy

Kool And The Gang - Chocolate Buttermilk

United Rythms of Brazil - The KKK Took My Baby Away

The Lolitas - Not Fade Away

The Dead Hensons - I Want A Monster To Be My Friend

Josh Mease - Days Like This

Picksiebner - Drvena Bacva

Scatman Crothers - What's A Nice Kid Like You Doing In A Place Like This?

Cumbias En Moog - Cumbia Del Sal