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The Stuart Bedasso Show

Welcome!  This is where we keep all of our podcasts.  It's cool for getting our RSS feed or JUST focusing on the shows.  We post all of our shows as well as other stuff at our website.  Feel free to run over there for shows and more goodies.

The Stuart Bedasso Show website

Jan 25, 2009

Dave and Erick just aren't orgy kinda dating strippers for them.  Erick gets in a car accident.  You should see the other guy.  Dave can't sleep in the suburbs and gets involved in a Facebook flame-up.  Those nutty liberals.  Don't get The Stuart Bedasso Show in your eye.  That would be weird.


Bedsit Poets - I'm In Love With A Girl
Blind Boy Fuller - Meat Shakin' Woman
The Baseball Project - Ted Fucking Williams
Josh Weinstein - Fuck Is Fuck
Plunt - Boner
Ofo The Black Company - Beautiful Daddy