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The Stuart Bedasso Show

Welcome!  This is where we keep all of our podcasts.  It's cool for getting our RSS feed or JUST focusing on the shows.  We post all of our shows as well as other stuff at our website.  Feel free to run over there for shows and more goodies.

The Stuart Bedasso Show website

Oct 31, 2021

Melyssa went to a Cannabiz Symposium and we talk about it. The job search continues for Dave. Need a pool boy? It looks like Dave has his halloween costume for next year. Have you heard our Greatest Bits on Bandcamp? Go to

Oct 24, 2021

Nick Redanty from Watchmen Farm is back! He helps Dave deal with his tiny chiltipin crop, gets us ready for some serious garlic, and more. Are you ready for some weed tea? Melyssa has the recipe. We induct another bro into the 69 Hall of Fame. Don't forget to support us at

Oct 17, 2021

Apparently, Dave's Mom is looking to score some weed. There's a new development. There's nothing like being vaccinated and wearing a mask and still needing a Covid test... because people suck. Melyssa is still married and Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead. All this and more on this week's show. Go buy...

Oct 13, 2021

Dave Chappelle has made a lot of money being a piece of shit. Fine, he got paid, now he can go the fuck away. Dave took ALL the vaccines today. (Spoiler alert: it doesn't end well) Who invented fucking? The Ohio State Marching Band's tribute to Rush is so white...and we can't take our eyes off if. Support Stuart Bedasso...