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The Stuart Bedasso Show

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The Stuart Bedasso Show website

Jun 11, 2012

Years ago, I was (I thought) in love with a woman who was a bit of a deadhead.  She bathed and had a job, but other than that, she was pretty onboard with the whole culture.  So in order to woo her - because that's what you do to deadhead chicks - woo them - I began dipping my toe into the pond of tape trading.  That tells you how long ago this was.  So, to use the tape trading lingo, this show is a B+ Audience boot of our friend, Deborah Magone's video premier of It's All About Money.  There's some talking, there's some raffling, and there's some music.  Our number one Canadian listener, Rhonda C was in the house and joined us as well!  The show is a bit longer than our usual.  You get a bonus 30 minutes so pack a sandwich and enjoy the show!  And if you're checking this out on our website,, you'll be able to see the video!


Deborah Magone Band - One World, One Love, It's All About the Money, Queen Bee