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The Stuart Bedasso Show

Welcome!  This is where we keep all of our podcasts.  It's cool for getting our RSS feed or JUST focusing on the shows.  We post all of our shows as well as other stuff at our website.  Feel free to run over there for shows and more goodies.

The Stuart Bedasso Show website

Jan 16, 2022

We get it. Masks suck. Lockdowns suck. You suck. Get your shot, put on a mask, and stay the fuck home. Close the schools. We said it. We need to do it so that we can all ride the Gyrosphere together some day. Yeah, we're old, but we'll always have MTV when it was new. And as always, buy cool stuff from cool people at

Jan 8, 2022

Nia Shea joins us to discuss movies, social media, friending people on Facebook & IRL, and much more. Guess who tonight's sadsack is. And when Nia is on we always come up with some new band names. Support us at

Jan 2, 2022

Straight from the Cruise Ship Cruize, it's Peter Kline! Get ready for Captain Pete's Summer Dope Camp. We do our Betty White due diligence. And the band names get thrown about! Don't have anything to listen to other than TSBS? Check out Stuart Bedasso Radio at

Dec 26, 2021

What's your nickname? Ratchet Boy? The Turd Pants Kid? Probably not Suitcase Girl. But what a superhero! What happens when a smooth jazz master goes hard bop? Dave would like to speak to the cannabis manager, please. Melyssa made a rookie mistake. But she teaches Dave the meaning of the Brandon stupidity. Listen to all...

Dec 11, 2021

Brendon & Dave from the soon-to-be award winning podcast, FDR's Wheelchair, are our guests. We talk about their show. Our Dave tries to break up a fight and ends up on the losing end. Who gets their dick rated and how can we stop them? Shout out to all the Patreon supporters. Thanks, Mom. There's still time to buy...