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The Stuart Bedasso Show

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Mar 8, 2007

All this vagina talk is turning into a theme.  This week featured a discussion about Dave's new "I (heart) female orgasms" shirt and how it went over at the Vagina Monologues as well as the dry Drag Show, which Dave and Keziah attended.  There's nothing sadder than a Drag Show without alcohol, except being "the old guy in the club" without alcohol and at a drag show.  Erick's sad attempt at a geography lesson shows us all that reading is fundamental.  We also continued the discussion about going into a voting booth without an open mind.  And there was music...

Kalu James - The Way I Feel
AJ Croce - Time Will Tell
Robert Cray - Fantasized
The Affections - Green Eggs and Ham
Lil Markie - Diary of an Unborn Child
Bakra Bata - I Shall Be Released

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