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The Stuart Bedasso Show

Welcome!  This is where we keep all of our podcasts.  It's cool for getting our RSS feed or JUST focusing on the shows.  We post all of our shows as well as other stuff at our website.  Feel free to run over there for shows and more goodies.

The Stuart Bedasso Show website

Jan 28, 2008

Stalkers, stalkers, everywhere.  Dave has a stalker at his radio gig.  Jill has a new friend, who is not yet a stalker.  Dave meets a fellow fan of the band FM.  It's a small world after all.  The show has moved into a new studio (Dave's apartment).  The beer's closer and that all that counts.  And who needs a big penis if you have a big grill.

It's coming up on The Stuart Bedasso Show's one year anniversary and we have over 9500 downloads!  Thank you for helping us make this so enjoyable!

John McCutcheon - Let's Pretend
The Sawyer Davis Project - Brother, Brother
The Welfare Poets - For These Times
Sinsiter Grin - On and On
Kathy Collins - Tutu's Lucky Machine
Pink Martini - Dosvedanya Mio Bambino